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To: [handle not set]
From: krusasOfficial

Dear Mr. Stone,

We have never met, not do I expect us to any time soon.  However, it has come to our attention that you were involved in the death of one Al Sanchez, a notorious warmonger from our planet.  As there has been an outstanding warrant for his arrest for the past nine years, we wish to extend our gratitude for your bringing him to justice.  He has proven to be extremely elusive, even more so since he joined Red Serpent.

Roughly ten years ago, Sanchez disrupted crucial peace talks between several nations on our planet, and started a devastating war between them.  It appears he had used a local religion as a recruiting tool, claiming that his army would be fighting some kind of holy war.  While his religious ties later proved to be disigenuous, his true motives for starting the war remain unknown.

It is our understanding that you are bounty hunter by trade, and as there was a standing bounty for his death or capture, this will be transferred to your account as a token of our appreciation.  In addition, we are aware of the damaged caused to the Arch by his attack, and will be sending funds and resources to aid in the relief effort.


Maltar Koris,
Lord Chairman of the Joint Council of Krusas

Attachments: Link to psionic fund transfer
Letter for Sam
A letter sent to SandBlaster3000's character Sam Stone between "seasons" of my D&D campaign, Arcane Frontier.
Planet Montac by Alkonium
Planet Montac
The setting for my upcoming D&D campaign, Dragonquake.  There a few things I hadn't done before in this one, such as the rings, and the subtle colouring in the background.
3rd of Gourd's Facade, 1817

I can't tell what's worse about being hospitalized: being cooped up in bed, or the food.  I shouldn't joke.  I'm lucky compared to others.  I know Governor Ross lost his husband in the attack, and plenty of other people lost loved ones too.  Marwen's son survived since he led the evacuation with Mellon's help, but with the Gate broken, he won't be back for a while.

Marwen's contacted Nero, and has been trying to get in touch with Cinnabar about my present state.  I'm sure I'll be out of here soon, but I could really use their company right now.  At least I have my other friends here.  I hardly lack for company at the moment.

Nero also said he'd be sending relief supplies when he comes, and he'll try to convince the human emperor to do the same.  Getting them here will be hard, between their lack of ships, the Zib Blockade, and our current lack of a functioning gate, but they'll figure something out.  Perhaps they'll hitch a ride with the Zenithans, since they're coming here for the same reason.  I'd certainly like to see them in a fight.  They could probably give Red Serpent a good thrashing if they had to.

I am really concerned about what we know of this attack.  We know Green Molly's behind it, and I don't doubt that she's going to pay Red Serpent to try again once she knows they failed this time.  We won't be able to withstand another attack without help, I know that much.  I've been reading up on Red Serpent while I've been here.  I don't recognize any of the dozens of planets where they've inflicted their particular brand of chaos, but that doesn't make it any less monstrous.  I know my people have a reputation for being cutthroat and ruthless in combat, but at least we don't commit war crimes whenever it's convenient to do.

That Sanchez fellow really sums the lot of them up.  I read about what he did on Krusas, even though that wasn't with Red Serpent.  Starting a holy war for a religion you don't follow, just for the sake of the carnage?  Not even Dave the Barbarian would do something like that.

We may have the Arch practically figured out, but our work here is far from over.
Among the many known mercenary companies in the galaxy, few are as infamous or as brutal as Red Serpent.  Officially known as a mercenary company, they've also been called an Army for Hire, an oversized gang, and a bunch of War Criminals.  All of these descriptions are accurate.  Red Serpent has no code of conduct beyond loyalty to eachother, instead doing anything they deem necessary to complete a given job.  This policy have earned them a client base among the richest and most corrupt people in the galaxy.

The group's exact origin is unknown, but the earliest incident attributed to them occurred in 1260, during the Sovereignty War on Proxim.  Allegedly, a battalion of Galdrean soldiers marched on a village expecting to find a Santiri stronghold.  Instead they just found unarmed civilians, who offered them food and lodging for the night.  By morning, every single Galdrean soldier had been killed, either by way of poison, or by stabbing.  Not long after, the village was found to be deserted, with a mass grave found on the outskirts, and the Galdreans left when they had been slain.  The bodies in the mass grave appeared to have been killed before the incident.  Apart from a large accounting discrepancy, there was nothing tying Santir's government to the event, as all of their other resources had been accounted for.  Galdrea lost the war soon after.

While there is little proof that Red Serpent was the group responsible for the massacre, the particulars are very consistent with the Modus Operandi demonstrated at later incidents for which they have been openly responsible.

Red Serpent keeps an eye out for both dangerous criminals, soldiers deemed "excessive" by their superiors, and independent mercenaries and warmongers.  On occasion, prisoners have been known to disappear not long before they were due to be executed, only to turn up again in ranks of Red Serpent.
Red Serpent
Some background on the mercenary group Red Serpent from my D&D campaign, Arcane Frontier.
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Alex G. Denby
I wouldn't call myself an artist. If anything, I'm a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

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